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We now live in an era where we feel obliged to document everything for social media. With apps like Instagram and Snapchat, we are now more keen to let everyone know what we’re doing, where we are, and who we’re with. We end up seeking every opportunity for the perfect photo or video. We can get so carried away with capturing our moments for social media, that we forget to enjoy the experience, and live in the moment. We want to capture, edit and share every moment, but we don’t have the physical ability to document every single moment we encounter. Sometimes we miss perfect photo/video opportunities. It requires a lot of effort to capture each moment.


Instaeye 2090 - A smart lens that automatically captures, filters, captions and shares moments in your day to social media for you. Uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically capture, filter, caption and share all of your experiences with the hope of making them Instagram worthy memories. The Instaeye 2090 is there so you don’t waste your experiences on trying to capture memories for social media. Now technology can do that for you, and capture more than you are even capable of capturing yourself.

“We don’t think our future as an experience, we think of our future as anticipated memories.” 


- Daniel Kahneman




The concept for Instaeye was inspired by a TED talk by Daniel Kahneman about experience vs memory- living in the moment vs capturing the moment. He explains the idea of an experiencing self vs remembering self:

Experiencing self - Doesn’t care about documenting the moment, but living it. Being in the moment. 
Remembering self - Captures everything, for a story you can tell or show to others. Records the moment for the future. 


People get satisfaction from capturing a moment to look back on and share, rather than the real satisfaction from experiencing the moment itself in real-time. This results in people lacking experienced happiness.


Imagine if social media has become a utility and we can no longer function without capturing moments of our day for Instagram.





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A smart lens that automatically captures, filters, captions and shares moments in your day to social media for you. This is an additional plugin extension for Instagram. The Future Of Instagram, a companion device.

Target Market: Over sharers, social media addicts
Now you won’t miss a thing, every moment captured.


Instaeye uses Artificial Intelligence to mimic the way the average person would capture, edit, caption and share images online.
Personalisation - Instaeye uses data to track your social media usage, how you interact online, the type content you have a preference for (most liked), and how often you use it -regulates how often Instaeye will share your content, making it more personalised to your usual online activity. 

Makes all experiences worthy of being fond memories.

  • Easy and comfortable to wear

  • Sensors - Detects the weather, helps Instaeye know if it is weather worth capturing photos in (Better weather means it more instagrammable)

  • The Chip collects and holds data - Instaeye can use the data to register information that will help document and share what best suits you.

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One of the main motivations for Instaeye is that we want people to have fun, and focus on experiencing the moment rather than the next Instagram moment they want to capture. The posters and other advertising is about showing people having a good time, and living in the moment.

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Instaeye will automatically upload content to your Instagram account. However, there is also an Intsaeye app that shows you the content that has been captured through the day.  This helps personalise your Istaeye content even further. You can dislike and like the images collected. This will help Instaeye have a better understanding of what type of content you favour.

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  • Social media usage - How long and how often you browse social media. Mimics your online usage patterns to regulate how often Instaeye posts content.

  • How you interact online - To understand you communication style.

  • The type of posts you like and comment on the most - Instaeye will try and create and post content that matches the content you show patterns of preference for.

  • Location - Uses GPS tracking to work out if you are in a place that is considered popular, and regularly geotagged on Instagram.

  • Intsaeye app which collects data from the content you like and dislike the most on the app, therefore being able to cater to your personal preferences.